Trinidad’s Carnival has many influences due to its rich cultural background and colorful mix of ethnic and racial backgrounds. The French introduced Carnival when they arrived in 1783 in the form of masquerade balls. Not being able to participate in the festivities, slaves would hold their own celebrations incorporating African influences. In 1838 after slavery was abolished, the freed Africans took to the streets to celebrate.

Today, Trinidad Carnival starts right after Christmas, you start hearing the new music and everyone counts down to the most intense week ever!

Carnival is uninhibited mas, wildness, revelry and bass thumping that bring people of all races and nationalities together for a week of nonstop feting.


Upcoming Carnival Dates

Calendar Year
Carnival Monday
Carnival Tuesday
        2019          March 4th             March 5th
        2020          February 24th             February 25th
        2021          February 15th             February 16th
        2022          February 28th             March  1st